Women in Islam

The Verdict of Faith (Chapter 1) In the religion of Islam, a woman is an independent entity, and thus a fully responsible human being. Islam addresses her directly and does not approach her through the agency of Muslim males. A woman would assume full capacity and liability once she has attained

Suicide attacks hit Madinah, Qatif; 6 killed

JEDDAH: Suicide bombers blew themselves up in Qatif and Madinah after sundown on Monday, several hours after Saudi security officers foiled an attack near the US Consulate in Jeddah In Madinah, a bomb exploded in the vicinity of a police post outside the Prophet’s Mosque, killing four policemen and two civilians,

Tips for Ramadan

What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. It is during this month that Muslims observe the Fast of Ramadan. Lasting for the entire month, Muslims fast during the daylight hours and in the evening eat small meals and visit with friends and family. It is a

Two gay rights activists hacked to death in Bangladesh

Al-Qaeda affiliate claims responsibility for attack that killed editor of magazine for LGBT community and his associate. Two people, including the editor of a magazine for the transgender community, have been hacked to death in the capital of Bangladesh. A third person, a security guard at the apartment building where the killings