Student Management Consult (SMC) – Ghana and Global Ties Akron – USA strengthen Accra – Akron relations through education

The Student Management Consult – Ghana with its partners in the United States of America (USA) share a common vision of improving the lots of the youth in both countries through education and training. This informed the decision and initiative to organize a classroom connect as an exchange program via the use of the internet.

This was made possible thanks to the opportunity presented to Mr. Abdulsalaam Mohammed by 2016 Community Solution Program, sponsored by the US States Departments and implemented by IREX. Mr. Abdulsalaam Mohammed is among the 95 selected applicant for the 2016 fellowship program out of the 1,600 applicants across the globe according to the US States department and IREX.

The Deputy Executive Director of SMC – Ghana, Mr. Tamim Alhassan, disclosed that, the two schools, unity International College – Ghana and Revere High School – Akron (USA), selected to pilot this initiative on the 2nd of December, 2016, were actually chosen because of the level of seriousness and commitment they have shown towards education. Moreover, the management and class teachers embraced the idea with zeal and the students were enthusiastic about it.

The areas of presentation and discussions covered education, politics and social norms of both countries. Michelle Wilson (Executive Director – Global Ties) and Tamimu Alhassan (Deputy Executive Director – SMC) commenced the class with the objectives and motives of the exchange program, as well as benefits to both parties. Milcezwski Jason (Teacher, Revere) and Mr. Ernest (Teacher, Unity) introduced their classes, whereas, Claire Weihe and Acheampong Nana Adwoa Desire proceeded with their presentation covering the above areas to the class in order to start a fruitful group discussions. Once in a while, the teachers and experts, Mr. Abass Mohammed, Ghana and Mr. Greg Milo, USA chipped in to further explain some of the issues and questions asked during the discussions

The class in the USA were dazzled by a typical campaign season videos that was shown and by the sonorous and melodious voice of Boakye Yiadom Pamela, a Ghanaian student reciting the National Anthem of Ghana. The students in Ghana here were happy to be enlightened on the history of the American people and their educational system.
They were taken aback to hear that education in America is expensive, and it is not of the best quality compared to other countries across the world. Nonetheless education in the USA is okay and of acceptable standard. A sign of relief was breathed when it was said by the class teacher that, there are several scholarship programs from government and other private organizations or NGOs.

In a one – on – one interview with the Executive Director of SMC – Ghana, Haruna Sule, about the Student Management Consult. He had this for us ; ”The SMC is a social enterprise that was established by some young graduates who have identified the challenges that students go through at all stages of their education”, he said. Mr. Haruna added that they are geared towards addressing the social and academic needs of students. As players are managed to get the best out of them; they manage students.

He further explained that they execute the responsibilities of parents that are held up with work to attend to the immediate needs of their wards.

The executive director highlighted some of their available service as, student coaching in learning, answering examination questions, public speaking, confidence building, course selection, career guidance among others. SMC also engages in counselling sessions in stress management, self motivation, business initiative strategies, personal development, furthering of education etc.

”Mentorship, financial assistance, student health and shuttle services are other services we engage in”, said Haruna. He added, ” We are known as the ‘Students’ Managers or Developers’. He stated, ”Besides the Executive and Deputy Executive Director, there are other faces behind the SMC like Abubakar Shabiba (Software Engineer and Head of I.T Department), Abass Rukaya (Executive Secretary) and the consultants are Abdulsalam Muhammed and Mohammed Abass.” He was quick to add that some other educationalist and professionals share in their vision. At the right time they will be brought to the lime light.

The Student Management Consult has come to stay. It seeks to work towards augmenting the main stream educational system, in order to make our students come out of school as the best material for the job market that will subsequently affect productivity positively. Parents, schools, graduates, students and many others can contact them for business, assistance or partnership.

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