Written By Haj Saeed Jallo

An evangelist’s penchant for insulting Muslims almost turned sour when a section of some Muslim youth in the Takoradi metropolis nearly attacked him for what they described as “disrespectful utterances against our dear prophet”.

Evangelist Papa Yaw was accused of labeling Prophet Muhammad as an impostor who will be brought to the judgement table of Jesus Christ on Judgement Day and exposed for his false prophecy.

“All Muslims will go to hell, and therefore to be saved they must leave their devilish religion and join the one and only true religion of God, which is Christianity.” The evangelist was quoted as saying. He also intimated that no one could approach him and ask him to stop what he is saying.

When mytawheedonline heard of the incidence our reporters quickly went to the place to acquaint themselves with the true situation on the ground.

According to some traders around the area the evangelist has always been attacking the Muslims with his style of preaching, and whenever they approach him to tone down he refused. He always told the Muslims to convert to Christianity and not to ask him to stop attacking their evil religion.

This they said went on for some time which brought about the scuffles that nearly resulted in the destruction of his preaching apparatus.

When mytawheedonline got to the Muslim youth they complained bitterly about the conduct of the pastor which they termed as disrespectful and insulting. According to them he has nowhere to preach apart from right in front of their mosque, and that they have approached him on countless occasions to desist from such insults but he continued.

And therefore on the said date when he refused to pay heed to their words of caution they could not control their tempers anymore and therefore wanted to pounce on him and and “give him a few slaps.”

Meanwhile when mytawheedonline reached the evangelist for his side of the story he admitted to all the accusations leveled against him, by explaining that he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to do so and therefore no amount of persuasions and attacks could stop him from sending out those messages.

“Between God and man whom should I obey? God says I should tell the Muslims to repent and you tell me to stop? I won’t.” Evangelist Papa Yaw stressed.

His head Pastor, Rev. Asamoah of the Winners Chapel of Kwesimintsim told mytawheedonline that he had been advising the said evangelist on his aggressive and antagonistic preaching but all have fallen on deaf ears, he however hopes that this incident will be a wake-up call for him to tone down a little.

Rev. Asamoah used the opportunity to call on all preachers to desist from attacking other people’s religion. He reminded them to use the Bible to win souls for Christ and not to be antagonistic towards people who do not share their belief, “By so doing we will live peacefully with our Muslim brothers and sisters.” Rev. Asamoah added.

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