Learn From South African And Ugandan Muslims-Ghanaian Muslims told


Written By Saeed Hamid Jallo

The Ghanaian Muslim community has been called upon to take pragmatic steps in packaging itself or risk being lost in the schemes of national development. This advice was given by the General Secretary of the coalition of Muslim organizations Ghana (COMOG) Haj Abdul Manan Abdul Rahman.

“Although we have a large number of Muslim scholars in this country their impact is not being felt by the people owing to lack of administrative systems and good planning,” he said. He added that failure to reach the needs of their people their acquired knowledge will never make any positive impact

Haj Abdul Manan said this in his interactions with this writer during a live radio programme dubbed ‘Tawheed’ on Kyzz 89.7 fm, a top radio station based in Takoradi over the weekend.

He lamented the lack of cohesion between the clergy and Muslim professionals. He called on the clergy to include administrators in their day to day activities which he says would be the channel to enhance their output and also to put them on equal pedestal with clergies of other faiths.

“Until the Ulamaa(clerics) and our professional Muslims see themselves as partners in development our community will wallow in abject ignorance and underdevelopment” Haj added.

He took the opportunity to highlight on some of the social interventions being introduced by COMOG, such as the Muslim Ummah Development Initiative (MUDI), the Leadership Framework and other socio-economic programmes which he believes if accepted can open the gateway for Muslim Ummah development.

On the issue of leadership and succession plans Haj applauded Uganda as a fine example that has exhibited consistency in its Mufti succession agenda. He called on Ghana to support COMOG on its leadership framework agenda which will ensure problem-free succession for our imams from the grassroots to the highest national position. “If Uganda has done it what then prevents Ghana from doing even better.” He cried.

The General Secretary however called on Ghanaian Muslims to take a cue from South African Muslims who only make up 5% of the nation’s population but are able to make their voice heard, this he said was due to the systems and structures being utilized in running the affairs of Muslims in that country.

“If this Ummah that makes 19% of the population of Ghana is to work sincerely for the upliftment of Islam and Muslims no group of persons can come up to our level, by the grace of Allah, however if through our parochial and selfish interest we fail to live up to expectation then woe unto us all”, Haj Abdul Manan concluded.

Meanwhile Haj believes that Ghanaian Muslims are more than the 19% that was published by the Ghana Statistical Service in its last population census.

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