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A top Ghanaian Muslim broadcast journalist has condemned the recent stampede that occurred in Kumasi which claimed the lives of nine Muslim youth in the metropolis citing it as a failure on the part of parents as well as Muslim leadership.

Alhaji Mohammed Amin Lamptey said this in a telephone interview with this writer on his radio Islamic talkshow dubbed Tawheed on kyzz 89.7 fm in Takoradi last Friday evening. The topic for the programme was “LIFE AFTER RAMADAN”, with the recent Asawasi stampede as case study.

“I am deeply disturbed about the position of our clerics in such matters, instead of preaching against social vices such as this Asawasi Sallah Jams some of these clerics are always on platforms condemning each other and promising them of eternal torment in jahannam,” he fumed.

Haj Amin Lamptey who is also the Deputy Communication Director, Pilgrims Affairs of Ghana wondered why these clerics waste their times on sectarianism instead of their spiritual duties of teachings and mentorship. He called on all the sects to come together and champion the cause of Islam which he believes if done will be of immense benefit to the Ummah.

The broadcaster, who was so concerned about the situation accused Muslim leadership of individualism, which he says has affected the positive growth of the Ghanaian Muslim community whilst calling on the various communities to do their due diligence before installing any individual as a chief in our various zongos. “In this age and time we need intellectuals to steer the affairs of our community and we must know that not any individual qualifies for that.” He added.
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“This disgraceful incidence that happened at Asawasi could have been averted if we are to bring all our human resources together to take decisions of benefit for our community, by doing this no one could have referred to Muslims as terrorists.”

Haj Mohammed Amin Lamptey, a former spokesperson of the Ghana Boxing Authority and also a former Parliamentary Aspirant on the ticket of the NDC at Ayawaso East however reiterated his commitment to support in whichever facet of the Muslim agenda he finds himself.

He called on COMOG, GMSA, FOMWAG, Council of Muslim Chiefs and all other organizations to come together in this noble task, which, he said, will be a source of satisfaction for all Muslims.

“Let us do it for the sake of Allah, and for the growth of our community which I believe will be the answer to the numerous challenges we find ourselves,” he said.

Haj Lamptey concluded by praying for Allah’s mercies on all the departed whilst calling on the youth to take a cue from what has happened to those nine young ones.


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