Lady Takes The Shahada After Witnessing TDF’s Refugee Aid Project

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Written By Alhassan M. Baidoo

A visit by Tawheed Development Foundation (TDF) has brought smiles to the faces of hundreds whilst also serving as a morale booster for a non-Muslim to embrace the Islamic religion.

TDF, on Saturday, June 4th 2016 paid a visit to the Krisan Refugee Camp in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region, for a distribution of food items such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, tin tomatoes, sardines and different kinds of beverages as a donation for the refugees to observe the Ramadan.
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This donation was as a result of a request made by the Muslim inhabitants of the camp during the Foundation’s second visit in March, 2016.

Readers will remember the plea made by the Muslim community of Krisan last three months concerning their fear as the month of Ramadan was approaching. Mr. Konate, a camp inhabitant relayed to the Foundation that Ramadan is one of the toughest moments in the camp.

In his statement: “We are just scared of the intense hunger as the Ramadan approaches, because we have nothing on us to start and break our fast throughout the month”, it clearly indicated that the fellow Muslims wallowed in a more pathetic situation than it is known to the public.

The June 4 donation marks the Foundation’s third visit to the camp, and its second official donation to Krisan. The Head of Management at the camp, Mr. Bannerman in his welcome address commended the Foundation, and requested of TDF to put in much resources in sustaining this Project (Initiative), as he believes will elevate the living standards of the inhabitants of the camp. He intimated that the people are living in intense hunger and deprivation and therefore other organizations should emulate the example set by TDF and come to their aid.
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The Executive Director of the Foundation, Haj Saeed Hamid Jallo in his response to the address shed himself off any credit, by giving credits to the individual philanthropists whose commitments to the Foundation has made this project a successful one.

He further stated: “TDF is a self-funded Organization with no foreign or local sponsorship. This project is successful because God-fearing individuals decided to support it with their wealth, and May God richly bless them and replace their wealth in abundance”.

Haj Jallo called on the beneficiaries to use this Ramadan period as a tool to getting closer to their Lord. He assured them of TDF’s continual support in their developmental activities.

Present at the programme, the Non – Muslim inhabitants of the Krisan Refugee Camp has applauded the Foundation for this unique support. A young lady by name Rebecca accordingly accepted Islam after observing the Foundation’s humanitarian interactions with the Refugees, and instantly adopted the name Ummu Baraka.

The Management of the Foundation is yet to release the laid down plans it has to provide a long lasting development for the inhabitants. They are therefore calling on individuals and organizations to come on board in making life a little meaningful to the people of Krisan.

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