Alhaji Hamid Mohammed(Baba Takima) son of truth and honour


In the early 1700, a man called Suleman left Savelugu (chayille) in the Northern region to trade around the country where he met a friend by the name Baba na langwa who happens to be the grandfather of Alhaji Umar Garba (Agyaa).Because he never had luck with children in almost all his years of marriage in Savelugu, he decided to marry a woman by the name Hajara, with the help of his friend who he met in the course of his trade. They traveled all over the country until when they met a man from barge who helped them with some herbs and prophesied they will have two children but only one is going to have decedent’s but the other wouldn’t so they gave birth to Mahama and Adama.


In the late 1700 whiles trading these two families arrived at Bona where they stayed for some time before the war of Samori began where he asked all strangers in the village to live because he was about attacking the citizens of Bona. This made Sulemana’s family and Baba na langwa further migrated to Kintampo. They settled in kintampo from the early 1800 until the war between the Asantes the British commenced and the late Fanyanama I, helped the British to defeat the Asantes. This made the whitemen saw the need to install Fanyanama as the chief of kintampo but this of course was disputed by Sulemana and the friends and they were asked to live kintampo to a place of their choice per the court ruling. It was for this reason these two suggested Techiman will be a nice place to live in, but before they left, Sulemana and Hajara were both very old. Hajara whose brother was the late Mallam Samu of Wenchi decided to be with her family in Wenchi. Hajara came with Baba na langwa living Sulemana behind with the reason being that he still have his farm produce yet to be cultivate. At a point when Mahama realized the old aged nature of his parents, it made him unstable since he had to see both of them from Techimman to Kintampo where father lived.

Mahama finally returned to Techiman to take care of his old mother but under the care of Baba na langwa when a man came from Ketekrachi with his two daughters, Salamatu and Hawawu. Mahama got married to Salamatu whiles the brother of the late Nana Akumfi Ameyaw III in the person of Nana Yaw Owusu married Hawawu the sister of Salamatu, where they lived in a village called Aworano.
On the 3rd of September 1888, Mahama and salamatu had their first son and named himHamidu Tachiman. Which means the first of their blood to be given birth in the land of Techiman. Five other children were born after Hamidu Techiman, these are Sulemana, Saliu, Alhassan, Gado and Hawa all late..

At a very tender age of seven, Alhaji Hamidu Techiman was sent to his grandfather calledMallam Samu in Wenchi. At the age of thirteen he could recite the whole Quran but did not stop studying and helping his grandfather in his farm work.
Like most kids of his days, Alhaji Techiman never received any secular education but that did not stop him from reaching his full potentials. His love and passion for quran recitation was second to none. Alhaji Techiman returned for the first time after twelve years of his quest for seeking knowledge. Due to an errand to get a sheep for a naming ceremony which gave him the opportunity to see his parents again and that lasted for only a day.
Alhaji Techiman left Wenchi at the age of twenty six where he started working as a lineman with the Ghana Post, whiles working as a lineman he still engaged himself in helping his father in their farm work eight years. In 1933 he was introduced into cocoa buying by the late Mr.Dochi of Wenchi, it was during this period that Alhaji Techiman helped the late lawyer A.A Munufie with three pesewas the very first day he was enrolled in school, which lawyer always referred to as his foundation in life. Alhaji Techimam when into the cocoa business, married his first wife Fati Sulemana (Hajia Ayashe) at the age of forty five. He later stopped the cocoa business to revive his farming where he joined his father at Frapo and then later moved to Tanoboase when he lost his father Mahama. This made him to move his farming activities to a nearby land own by hisfather to make work a little easier for him and his siblings. He was having about twenty acres of land he had several fruits planted on.
In 1953 a delegation came to survey the whole Techiman to find an ideal location for a Hospital project, they chose no other land but the very land Alhaji Techiman farms on so they informed the then Chief of Techiman Nana Akumfi Ameyaw III who also called on Alhaji Techiman to seek for his acceptance. He addressed him by saying “Kromafo) meaningtrue citizens, this is the issue at hand and we would like to seek for your approval, Alhaji Techiman without any hesitation quickly replied “this is a good opportunity for the whole Techiman and should not be allowed to slip by so the land was given whole heartedly”.
In 1972 Alhaji Takima stepped in to volunteer by giving out land to rescue the people of old Tako after suffering the rough of an unprecedented flood that stormed Techiman. The then Chief of Takofiano Nana Noah called on the man with the selfless character to help them with the hilly part of his farm land for the construction of estates for the victims of that flood during Busia’s regime.
Base on request from the district assembly he dashed the Tamale station, out of his philanthropic character, he dashed the Zongo L/A land for developmental projects.Without living his friends behind Alhaji Techiman gave out many of his valuable assets to people that he cared about including the land of the current MTN House and the Access Bank near Holy Family Hospital.
Few out of his numerous achievements are the involvement in the delegation that launched the mining of Akrokare near Obuasi, he was part of the team that initiated the spiritual prayers to make the biggest market in Ghana(Techiman Market) one of the best in West Africa, it was Alhaji Techiman that provided accommodation for all the people that came in the course of making Techiman Market a better place to do business, he was part of the total liberation of African movement with an ID Reg. no. 215/TB/63. Just to mention few.
From 1973 he moved his farming activities to Oforikrom where he planted several crops which he yielded until his last days on earth.
Alhaj Takima married five wives and they are Fati Sulemana (Hajia Ayashe), Fati Musah (Mma Metuo), Fati Kadiri, Hajia Zainabu and Mariama(Mma Amaria). He died living behind twenty six children, two hundred and twenty six grandchildren and fifty two great grandchildren.
Alhaji Tachiman known by many is very friendly but had few friends like the late Baba Sumanah, Lansa, Djato and Mallam Shigakie (the late wangara Imam). Because of his love for all, Alhaji Techiman did not limit himself to friends sharing the same religious or political views so he made friends with people like the late Mr. Asumda( A Former minister of state) from Upper east region, the late Nana Yaw kobi (chief of new Suame), and some few figures in the political fraternity.
In his days of trading, he went to Tamale with his brothers, when returning there was a hunter who happens to be the only person with a canoe at that time and he comes to the shoreof the Mpaha now call Yeji river only once in a day. When they got there on that faithful day,the hunter had already left and the bush there at that time was full of wild animals so they had to find a way, the only option at that time was to swim pass a two kilometer river with load. That is humanly impossible so Alhaji Techiman went back and prayed to his maker (Allah), after the prayers he moved straight into the river and asked his siblings to follow him but Sulemana opposed by saying there is no way he is going to step into that river but the others did follow.When he realized his brothers were miraculously crossing the Yeji river, he also joined them whiles they crossed the river successfully. After arriving at the next village the residents were shocked on how they managed to cross a river worth over two kilometers. This and a lot of other miracles of Alhaji Techiman made him look very different from just an ordinary human being. Known by his famous slogan “ Allah yasa mufi haka” he will forever be remembered.

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